ARK – Advanced communications

IT services and equipment

The information technology field is constantly expanding and searching for new challenges. Our success depends on the ability to deal with the overall architecture of the system, its connections with people, organizations and external environments.

Our task is to simplify the technology and make it attractive with ease of management, stability and speed of the systems, conciseness and transparency before the user, while millions of complex computer operations take place in the background.


Laptop computers

Dynamic jobs and field work today require frequent changes in locations, for which the use of laptop computer is ideal.

Our long-term experience enables us the possibility of adequate recommendations and procurement, depending on the nature of the client’s work.

With regular prescribed maintenance we extend their lifespan.

Desktop computers

With careful selection, depending on the purpose, in a wide price range, we create a plan of work stations that meet the standards and conditions of the required performances.

We take care of long-term correctness with quick interventions for priority users.

Peripheral devices

Printers, scanners, projectors and other equipment are included in our supply range.

You shall be provided with additional services of installation, assembly and testing of the devices on site.


Following the inspection of the office space and understanding the client’s needs, we issue a recommendation for a suitable server solution. We have at our disposal the laters generation of hardware by renowed manufacturers such as HP, Dell and Lenovo.

We complete the entire process:from procurement, installation, complete configuration of the server, to assembly and commissioning.

Virtualization ensures system mobility.

Within the maintenance process, we ensure the increase of the security of the server by using the latest technologies.

We offer cloud solutions according to the user’s wishes.


Passive network equipment

The basis of the network infrastructure, the requirement and importance of which is at the level of power installations of every facility today, implies the procurement and installation of quality and durable equipment in compliance with the modern standards. Our distribution includes high-quality equipment as follows:



Network cables of all types and standards


Rack cabinets of all types and sizes


Switch panels and cables


Network modules of all categories


Other supporting equipment

In larger warehouses with the requirement of complete wireless network coverage, we design the organizations of access points and implement the best solutions with stable operation and access.  

Active network equipment

Based on the network installation, it is necessary to place and configure the active elements that shall make the system functional. In order to achieve optimal performance we select and install as follows:


Unmanageable and controllable switches


Appropriate routers (micro-tic solutions)


Wireless Access Points


Video surveillance equipment


IP phone equipment


Access control devices


Software packages and operating systems

We distribute, install and administer licensed software packages for various purposes, from office packages such as Microsoft 365, to project and design packages by software companies such as Autodesk and Adobe. Furthermore, we distribute Microsoft operating systems in all available licensing versions.

Security solutions

The level of system security is based on the security of each individual computer. The variety of malicious activities requires an increasing sophisticated and intelligent approach to protection from the creators of security softwares. The best ones do not exist, but the ones we apply and have many years experience with are Eset and Kaspersky Security solutions. Depending on the number of computers, we recommend the appropriate versions and packages. With centralized management and supervision, you get the complete insight into the state of the system and the possibility of quick interventions.



The powerful new generation firewall, customized OpenSource solution for network and system protection and monitoring. There are various reasons for using it, and here are some of them:


First of all, superior security


Surfing without advertisements such as pop-ups


Automation ensures that all the registered attackers are automatically blocked


The possibility of hacker attacks is reduced to a minimum


The speed and quality of communication are increased significantly


VPN communication among your locations, unrivaled with superior security


Fast resolution of network problems with powerful reports and statistics