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Power networks and systems


Our expert team of designers provides technical support to the investor in all phases of design implementation, assists in the execution of the terms of reference while optimizing the investment costs, provides the most optimal proposals and the state-of-the art solutions, follows the most specific requirements stated by the investor, provides a proposal on choosing the reliable and high-quality equipment, conducts technical support during the implementaition of the design and comissioning.

The long-term experience in the execution of design documentation and the realization of the most complex projects, the implementation of the state-of-the art solutions and constant improvement, have enabled us to accomplish the execution of the most demanding and specific design documentation.

Within our design office for power energy, we provide designs for the following:

Transformer stations with a voltage level of up to 35kV

Transformer stations with a voltage level of up to 20kV

Distribution cabinets for energy and automation with a voltage level of up to 400V

Special electrical installations with a voltage level of up to 400V

Weather protection systems discharges

Designing of electric power distribution systems (covered rail distribution)

Execution of the works

Our experienced engineers and electrical technicians, with experience in large projects (industrial facilities, road infrastructure), perform, among others, the following tasks:

Testing of electrical installations up to 20kV

Testing of lightning protection installations

Revisions of transformer stations up to 20kV

Implementation of collectable systems for power distribution (covered rail distribution)

Appropriate reports for all examinations shall be issued. We have obtained knowledge in working with equipment from renowned manufacturers such as:

Equipment delivery

We deliver high quality electrical equipment at affordable prices. We highlight the delivery of complete (schematic) distribution cabinets with the following equipment:


Enclosure of metal cabinets -Schneider Electric, Rittal, Evrotehna…

Polyester cabinet enclosure – Schneider Electric, Rasina, Elettrocanali…

Assembly equipment – Schneider Electric, ABB, Schrack, ETI, Noark…

Terminal blocks – Wago, Phoenix, Conta - Clip…

Industrial connections and plugs – PCE, Elettrocanali, IDE…