ARK – Advanced communications

About us


ARK – Advanced communications ltd deals with telecommunications and power – designing, execution and delivery of equipment for the purposes of constructing high-quality communication and power networks and systems with a special focus on industrial and factory facilities, water systems and operators of telecommunication services.

With the aim of achieving high standards of the executed works and delivered equipment, we cooperate with renowned equipment manufacturers, distributors and design offices present on the Serbian market and in the region.

Recognized quality in the services provided

Permanent growth and development of business since its foundation in 2014.


Increase compared to 2020


Increase compared to 2021


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We create quality services that provide people with the joy of communication and life comfort.



Let our descendats be proud of our deeds!


Teamwork involves the cooperation of a group of people with different skills and expertise, who rely on each other to achieve a common goal – to execute a design, complete an installation or measurement, deliver equipment, or make good company. These are all some of the goals that we reach every day in our work.


Effective teamwork requires good communication, mutual respect and trust, willingness to cooperate and listen to the ideas of others, as well as the ability to solve conflicts and reach joint decisions. Setting clear goals and roles for team members and working together to distribute tasks and responsibilities in a way that is efficient and effective, represent a mandatory part of our business.